How to Restart Linksys Smart Router by using Linksys Velop App

Linksys App is a free mobile application that allows you to control and monitor all the activities of the Linksys smart router. It gives you access to use your router network securely. You can also set up the Linksys smart wifi router with the help of this application. This Application also helps in restarting the Linksys smart router, so if you get stuck in any technical issue then restart the device is the first step. By Restarting the device all the settings of the Linksys router get restored by default itself. To Enjoy these features of the Linksys App you need to download it on your device. It doesn’t matter which operating system are you using as it supports both android and ios. In this post how you can restart the Linksys router with the help of Linksys Velop app has been explained below.


Troubleshooting steps to Restart Linksys Smart Router by using Linksys Velop App:


  • Download and Install the Linksys Velop App on your device. You can download it by visiting the play store of your device.
  • When you install the App then a blue navy icon will be shown on the screen click on that.
  • By Clicking on that icon Linksys app will be launched and open successfully inside the device.
  • Now Connect your Smart wifi router to the Linksys Velop app device ID. You can connect it with the help of a WPS Button.
  • After making the Connection Navigate to the top left corner of the screen and click on the hamburger menu button.
  • Now move to the router administration option
  • Scroll up the menu and wait until you see restart button on the screen of your device.
  • Now Tap on the restart button and wait until the restarting process is finished.


So by following these easy steps you can easily restart your Linksys Smart Router by Linksys Velop App. But Still, if anyone has concerned related to Linksys Velop App then get in touch with the professional experts. Our certified technicians will look into your issue and assured you that issue will be resolved within a short period of time.



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